The new insurance policy that guarantees
the correct application of fire retardant paints

  • Buildwise TV238
  • Monitoring & control
    by Vinçotte
  • Insured Warranty
  • Customer protection
  • Accessible to everyone

APAC, anti-corrosion paint insurance, has been offering an “insured guarantee” for more
than 50 years for anti-corrosion and adhesion of coatings on steel structures.


APAC Fire – Objective

A qualitative and quantitative follow-up during the application of a fire-resistant paint
system in order to offer quality and security to architects, consultancy firms and their clients.
We guarantee corrosion and adhesion in a C1/C2 indoor environment.


APAC Fire – For whom

Available to all APAC member applicators and paint manufacturers.

Choice of
recognised solutions

APAC Fire – Required documents for approval

  • Intumescent paint layer thickness calculation, as prepared by paint manufacturer
  • Substantiated critical temperature, for columns and beams, if any deviation from 550°C
  • Paint system
  • Certified sample preparation Sa 2 ½ (certificate 3.1 from steel supplier)

Technical assessment

APAC Fire – Checks to be carried out by Vinçotte

  • Steel preparation Sa 2 ½ or certified via steel supplier (certificate 3.1)
  • Steel surface with welding primer St3, if rust degree >Re1 must be blasted to Sa 2 ½
  • Primer layer thickness in accordance with ISO 2808 & 19840
  • Intumescent paint layer thickness in accordance with ISO 2808 & 19840
  • Finish layer thickness in accordance with ISO 2808 & 19840

Inspection and control


APAC Fire – Completion

After delivery, a quality label in the form of an APAC Fire warranty is delivered to the client.
This gives the guarantee needed that the intumescent paint system has been applied according to the guidelines of TV238.

Accessible to all

APAC Fire – Testing

Apac Fire test 1
Apac Fire test 2
Apac Fire test 3
Apac Fire test 4 no slumping
APAC approved fire retardent paint systems protect steel structures from fire (with no slumping).

APAC Fire – Your contact

Guy Doms
+ 32 478 682 722