OilTanking Stolhaven
Tank Lining (24.500 m3 tank)

Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp NV is a 50:50 joint venture company between Oiltanking GmbH and Stolthaven Terminals BV. The company terminal in Antwerp offers sophisticated storage and handling infrastructure for oil products, chemicals and gases. These include 24.500 m3 tanks (34 m in diameter).
  • Client: OilTanking Stolhaven
  • Project Date: 2017
  • Project url: Visit Link
  • APAC Warranty: OilTanking Stolhaven specified that all work associated with this project had a 10 year APAC warranty
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Water Towers
Bierbeek and Meeuwen

De Watergroep is the largest drinking water company in Flanders. It is responsible the production, distribution and supply of clean drinking water throughout Flanders. De Watergroep is also involved in the management of all links in the water chain including rainwater, process water and wastewater. It manages a network of 32,460 kilometers of pipelines to serve over 3 million customers and hundreds of companies.
  • Client: De Watergroep
  • Project Date: Bierbeek: June - September 2017
    Meeuwen: August - September 2017
  • Project url: Visit Link
  • APAC Warranty: De Watergroep specified that the water tower shafts obtained a 10 year APAC warranty.
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