Central Cemetery of Borgloon
Lambertusstraat, Borgloon


Memento is a sculpture in the Central Cemetery of Borgloon. The artwork of Wesley Meuris is a landmark in the rolling landscape that surrounds the cemetery.

The pure, white steel round shape is clearly visible in the sloping landscape at the rear of the cemetery. Visitors to the cemetery naturally move towards it. Two openings allow visitors to step into the work. The white metal tiles in the interior contrast with the flat white base exterior wall.

The steel built space can be interpreted in many ways by the visitor and challenges the imagination. Overall it is a space designed for seclusion and reflection.

Project Considerations

The customer wanted to be confident that the sculpture would be protected from all weather, for many years, without the the aesthetic being compromised. APAC expert technical advisers provided the correct choice of anticorrosion paint solution. Approved APAC expert applicators and APAC approved paint manufacturers were used on this project. The APAC guarantee provided the final piece of assurance required.


APAC members Cuijpers Services were responsible for the paint system application.

Paint solutions

APAC member PPG provided the 3 layer paint system used.

The paint solution provided the durable finish that had all the anti-corrosion features needed to qualify for the APAC guarantee.

3 Layer System:

1e layer : SigmaCover 690 (80µ)

2e layer: SigmaCover 435 (80µ)

3e layer: Sigmadur 520 (60µ)


The customer specified that the work obtained the 10 year APAC quality warranty.

To meet the terms and conditions for the APAC guarantee, Vinçotte carried out regular independent technical checks on site.


“This is a special place where people come to reflect in peace. It is also a piece of art for the whole community. It was very important that the quality of the painting ensured that all aspects of the project were maintained and respected. At the same time Memento stands in a location exposed to the elements all year round. APAC ensured we received both a quality application with a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee”.

Klaar Franssen, Head of Leisure Economics, Provincie Limburg