Oiltanking Antwerp Gas Terminal NV
LPG storage tanks (3,300 m³)


Oiltanking has been active in tank storage logistics since 1972. It is one of the largest independent operators of tank terminal for oils, gases and chemicals worldwide. The company owns and operates 63 terminals in 23 countries.

Oiltanking AGT (Antwerp Gas Terminal) is located on the southern dock in the Waaslandhaven. It has 14 tanks with a total capacity of 139,780 m³ (Propane, Propylene and Butane).

A new fully refrigerated butane tank is also being built at Oiltanking AGT. It will be the biggest butane tank in Europe and will increase the capacity of the terminal by an additional 135,000 m³.

1.3 million tonnes of gas (2.4 million tonnes when the new Butane tank is operational) pass through Oiltanking AGT every year. Gas is delivered and distributed by pipe, rail, road and sea. The new OTAGT jetty will help ensure these volumes can be shipped without interruption.

There are 8 sphere tanks storing pressurized Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Each tank has a storage capacity of 3,300 (height 20m, diameter 18m).

4 of the tanks were constructed in 1983 and 4 others build in 1989/90. Over an 6 year period 6 tanks are being refurbished.


Oiltanking AGT specified that all work associated with this project had a 10 year APAC warranty.
To meet the terms and conditions for the APAC guarantee, Vinçotte carried out regular independent technical checks on site.


APAC members XERVON made the application.
Vapor sand blasting preparation is used to optimize fire protection.

Project Considerations

All aspects of the programme follow stringent Health and Safety guidelines.
The tanks contain product during painting but are not in service to supply customers during the restoration.
Scaffolding provides protection and a platform for each coordinated 5 month project.
The sprinkler systems is renewed as the tank is painted (alternative fire protection is used during the restoration).
This is also an opportunity to inspect all welds as part of a 5 year weld inspection plan.

Paint Solution

APAC members PPG provided the 4 layer C5-M paint system.

Layer 1: SigmaCover 350 (125µ)

Layer 2: SigmaCover 456 (75µ)

Layer 3: SigmaCover 456 (75µ)

Layer 4: SigmaDur 1800 (75µ)

[Total 350µ)


“This is a precise piece of work. Health and Safety is paramount and we need to be confident that the APAC approved applicators are able to adhere to and follow strict procedures.

The strict APAC inspection procedure provides the assurance that the piece of work is completed to the highest level.

It is always important that customers can see that everything is in good order.

Overall the APAC application and guarantee ensures a quality product that fulfils practical, regulatory and business needs”.

Luc Smolders, Engineering & Maintenance Manager, Oiltanking AGT.